The seven year stitch

Not many machines carry a stitch quality guarantee but SWF does. Not only that but it carries a seven year stitch quality guarantee but this should not come as a big surprise as SWF has always been confident of its machines quality and productivity.

Widely recognised as the world’s leading manufacturer of embroidery machines the company offers a wide range of models through its UK and Ireland distributor Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd).

What sets SWF apart from other manufacturers is the company’s ability to listen to its distributors and then react to the market needs. This has resulted in some important firsts in the industry such as increasing machine speed and dual function machines. While increasing sewing speed is something that can be copied by others the dual function facility is something that has stayed within the SWF stable thanks to stringent patents and, without a doubt, this development set new production standards within the embroidery industry. For those that don’t know, the Dual Function model gives the embroiderer the ability to embroider two different patterns and/or products at the same time. It effectively turns a single machine into two separate machines in required. A six head for instance can be a single six head or two three head machines with no compromise on sewing speed. Just think of the flexibility this offers not only with small orders but also when you are finishing off the tail end of an order that doesn’t fill your machine. One side of the machine handles this while a new order is started using the other half. You can even embroider caps on one side and sweatshirts on the other. It is reported that a dual function can increase your production by 25% over a single use machine and this can be seen by viewing the online demonstration. Just click this link and watch the video and you will this machine in action.

With SWF and YES Ltd you are benefiting from all of the research and development that has resulted in improved machinery and increased productivity. Add the amazing Dual Function machines into the mix and it is plain to see why this company is so highly regarded and then, of course, there is the unique seven year stitch quality guarantee.

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