Secabo launches modular Lite heat press series

With this new development of the Secabo TC Lite toggle press, Secabo is launching a lucrative modular system that opens up a multitude of new possibilities for price-conscious users.

More flexibility thanks to easily exchangeable components, in short a basic product with great upgrade options. This means that the new Lite models have the advantage of retrofitting individual base plates or heating plates if necessary and simply replacing components.

The TC7 Lite (40x50cm) heat press and the TC5 Lite (38x38cm) have an additional cover plate for the heating plate to protect the user from burns. The structure of the LITE series is fully modular, the control unit, heating plate, base plate and base frame can be disassembled and replaced in just a few simple steps. For example, the use of other heating plates is also made possible. The Lite transfer presses offer everything that makes textile transfers with Secabo so comfortable. All professional applications of the usual hot transfer processes such as flock foils, flex foils, sublimation, inkjet flex, etc. are of course possible.

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