Screen waste discharge – are you doing all you can?

The Ecoflo

The Ecoflo water filtration unit from Screen Ink & Solvent Supplies helps with screen waste filtration. It can be used for separation of light and heavy solids out of waste water from screen developing and reclaiming.

The system uses low cost filtration materials and drastically reduces acidity, COD (chemical oxygen demand) and high solid stencil emulsion sludge.

The cascade filtration system can be cleaned easily from the outside. Made from chemical resistant PPH with a slatted filtration bottom shelf, this area allows you to collect waste from weir for water sampling.

Ecoflo uses a multi layer filtration medium, which helps to catch fine and heavy waste residues from used ink and high solid screen stencil emulsions. Used in conjunction with SISS Safewash and Solve stencil strippers, you can noticeably reduce your VOC and chemical PH levels.

Ecoflo is available in four sizes Mini, One, Dual and Multi stage units. SISS can also accommodate the entry point height to be used with existing washout booths and troughs.

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