Screen printing sundries

Dip Tank
Dip Tank

Dave Renton is well known for the excellent machinery and first class technical service he offers but he also supplies a wide range of high quality value for money sundries many of which have been sourced because of the reduced risk of damage to the environment and, of course, value for money. The inks, screen washes and other incidental sundry items sold by Dave Renton are not only cost-effective but they are also kind to our planet.

An example of this is the range of water-based and plastisol inks sourced in the USA but sold here under the name of Metroplas and Metro Aqua. Products such as the popular Metro general purpose screen wash and the eco-friendly Metro Solv 701 ably demonstrates the company’s firm belief that lower prices do not necessarily result in environmental damage. Staying with screens there is also the universal Procol stencil emulsion and the Kor-Chem 30-1 stencil strip which once again falls into the prime category adopted by a great many products supplied by Dave Renton. Pallet Mask is an interesting product as it removes the task of cleaning the pallet. You simply add it prior to applying the pallet adhesive and then remove it at the end of the job leaving the pallet clean. Because the time consuming chore of cleaning the pallet has now been removed downtime is massively reduced thus increasing the profitability of the machine.

Of course chemicals do not represent the whole catalogue. The company also supplies high quality ink jet positive/negative film in sheets and in rolls, blue filler, squeegees, pallet rubber and even laundered cleaning cloths. If you use roller frames then you can get your Shur Lock mesh panels here as well.

Post printing, if you need to remove foreign marks from garments, you should try the Arrow cleaning gun which, when used with the T935 textile cleaner, removes blemishes both before and after curing.

In an extensive catalogue of products, one of the most impressive and unique is the Dip Tank. This amazingly simple device reduces the time spent in cleaning screens by 80%. When used with Kor-Chem CP2 this process cleans five screens in the time it normally takes to clean one.

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