Screen Print World adds desktop folding machine to range

T Fold Desktop Folder

A brand-new product has launched at Screen Print World – the T Fold Desktop Folder.

Having supplied the screen print industry with automatic folding and bagging machines for many years now, the team can now offer a cheaper and smaller option to customers.

The T-Fold is 43x28in, making it perfect if your tight on space. It can fold a T shirt in around five seconds and comes with a bagging arm that lifts the T shirt in place allowing you to easily bag your garment. What makes the bagging process even easier is the in-bult air blower located on the side of the unit, allowing you to fill your bag with air before bagging your garment, meaning your can fold and bag a T shirt in around 10 seconds.

Available at a fraction of the cost of other automatic folders and baggers on the market, the T-Fold can offer you fast and effective T shirt folding as well as saving valuable space in your printshop.

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