Schoolwear Association issues message to the industry

Matthew Easter and Mark Stevenson, co-chairs of The Schoolwear Association have issued a statement to the schoolwear industry in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

In this statement the pair say that the coming weeks and months will be testing for many sectors and the same is true of the schoolwear industry. They add: “We have no doubt that there will be tough times, but by banding together and looking out for friends, colleagues and peers, we have the ability to come out of this global crisis stronger on the other side.”

As with other industries, protecting the health and safety of staff and their families is paramount and it is critical to follow Government advice at this time, but despite this, Mr Easter and Mr Stevenson say they have seen some inspirational stories of businesses coming together to support each other and their communities.

“Just Schoolwear repurposing their embroidery facilities to create NHS uniforms and Perry Uniform utilising its blazer factory to create mattress covers for the new NHS Nightingale hospitals are just two examples of the extraordinary work Schoolwear Association members are doing in these unprecedented times,” they said.

The statement continued: “As an industry we feel there is a unique dynamic in the way we operate. Whether that is putting time and effort into campaigns or events, or donating funds to help to support the efforts of the wiser Schoolwear Association, individuals and competing businesses regularly come together, not in their own self-interest, but for the benefit of everyone involved in schoolwear.

“We cannot claim to have the answers about how this crisis will unfold and its long-term impact on the schoolwear industry. However, working in the best interest of the whole sector will be vital if we want to survive the coming months and years. Speaking to each other and trusting in long-forged business relationships is needed now more than ever.”

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