ROQ releases hybrid digital screen print machine

The ROQ Hybrid
The ROQ Hybrid

The ROQ Hybrid is a digital printing machine that works in perfect synchrony with an automatic screen printing machine.

The release of this machine finally ends the debate on whether digital printing will make screen printing obsolete.

Outputting an impressive 450 pieces per hour you can maintain the productivity of a screen printing machine with digital quality production. Your setup times will be greatly reduced. You will need to use/create a much smaller number of screens. You will have a super wide colour gamut at your service.

The ROQ Hybrid can come with eight or 12 printing heads maintaining the same production speed. The version with eight print heads uses the CMYK colours. The version with 12 print heads uses CMYK + two colours enhancing the available colour gamut.

ROQ has decided to use the Fujifilm Dimatix for its print head. This print head represents the future of this technology. The Fujifilm Dimatix enables the nozzles to be repaired instead of replacing the whole print head. This feature allows for a greater lifespan of the print heads.

The ROQ Hybrid can come with a maximum printing size of 500x700mm or 750x900mm.

The ROQ Hybrid adapts to the type of textile you are printing on. The Z axis can be adjusted (up to 20mm) to make take in account the different height of the textile you are printing on.

To partner with the ROQ Hybrid, ROQ also has a new line of digital inks and products as well the ROQ Studio a RIP software powered by Neostampa.

The ROQ Hybrid provides many advantages. For example, if you have a job to make a print on a dark garment (one or two screens, depending on the opacity needed for the base) with four colour process (four screens), one highlight (one screen), one foil (one screen) and glitter (one screen). Instead of needing eight or nine screens, with the ROQ Hybrid you will need one or two screens for the base, one screen for the foil, and one screen for the glitter. Your print will have digital quality and you will be able to present something that was not possible before, the referred quality with screen printing specific techniques.

All of this done in perfect synchrony with the speed of a screen printing machine and with three or four screens, less than half the screens (smaller costs and lower setup times).

The ROQ Hybrid is already worldwide available for order from ROQ directly or any of its agents.

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