Roq launches third generation of digital printing machines

Roq’s Tech Centre in Portugal

The Roq Now and Roq Hybrid have arrived with their updated configurations and according to Roq, these machines are ready to take the DTG and web-to-print markets by storm.

With the Roq Now you get a fully digital printing powerhouse that is able to handle complex designs with ease, requiring only one operator to run at full speed. With a maximum production of around 200 pieces per hour, this versatile machine will allow you to tackle a wide array of different jobs, regardless of the order size.

The Roq Hybrid is the perfect fusion between screen printing and digital printing. With it, you will be able to have the incredible print quality that you usually can only find in digital, together with the special effects one can only achieve through screen printing. It becomes possible to print a super complex design with its digital print head and add effects like flock and foil during the production process, adding significant value to your end product. Boasting a maximum production of around 320 pieces per hour, your machine will not only improve your product’s quality, but also do it at speeds higher than ever before.

Both these machines are more than ready to help boost your web-to-print capabilities and will represent a game-changing addition to any print shop.

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