The right combination for a perfect impression

Langley Softshell
Langley Softshell

Company representatives who engage in face-to-face customer contact are pivotal in forming customer impressions. The clothing they wear is integral to that, so it’s important to make careful choices when selecting corporate wear. This means paying attention to both the garments and the techniques used to decorate them to ensure a consistent image.

As we move into the colder seasons, warm jackets are the order of the day. A shining example from the Elevate range, featured in PF Concept’s current end-of-year selection, is the Langley Softshell jacket. This model features thermal technology which keeps the wearer warm even in low temperatures, while the outer material protects against rain and wind. Availability in a large selection of colours and numerous decoration possibilities means it ticks all the boxes for corporate suitability.

When it comes to decorating the Langley Softshell, buyers are spoiled for choice. The TrueEdge Transfer technique developed by PF Concept is ideal for images which are very detailed or made up of many different colours. Unlike other transfer methods, TrueEdge Transfer leaves no visible edge on the garment.

Alternatively screen printing, whereby the image is created by applying ink to the garment through fine fabric meshes is a technique which achieves especially clear decorations.

Laser engraving is a technique which results in a subtly indented relief image. This is done by using a laser beam to burn away the fabric’s topmost layer and for an impressive multi-faceted effect, debossing and embroidery can be combined to press a background motif into the fabric before stitching in details in up to twelve colours. This creates a high-quality finish with a striking 3D effect. A perfect complement to the Langley Softshell’s modern style.

The Langley Softshell is designed for decoration, the sleeves, back or hip are all up for grabs. As is the chest, of course, which remains a classic logo location.

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