Result garments suitable to wash at 60°C

The R231F Printable Softshell is one of the many styles that can be washed at 60°C

During the first lockdown Result received many queries from customers asking what garments were suitable to be washed at 60°C, as this temperature is ideal for killing bacteria.

After months of rigorous in-house testing, Result has announced that those products that are suitable to be washed at 60°C now have their own 60°C wash category online.

During the testing Result watched for possible delamination, distortion, shrinkage and colour run.

Result does however advise a 40°C wash as standard, not just for fabric and colour stability, but also to help the environment.

While the current stock of styles may still have 40°C wash label instructions, on-going production wash labels have been updated to show their 60°C wash status.

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