Resolute’s TastyJet food printer, corporate and personalised food decoration at its best

IMG_2484Personalisation is already big business, but there is one product relatively untapped in the UK and EU –  ‘food printing’ – and there is nothing better than Resolute’s new TastyJet food printer to do it with.

The popularity of food printing has quadrupled in the UK alone in the last six months. Online and high street retailers are now offering personalised printed food and confectionery with quick turnaround times using Resolute’s TastyJet range. Combined with a unique sealed bag ink system the TastyJet food printers offer speed & reliability without the high maintenance associated with some older systems.

If you already offer personalisation online there is little work to be done to ad cookies, cakes, confectionery and marshmallows etc. to the product blanks offered on your website. The special TastyJet food inks have been developed with colour vibrancy in mind whilst keeping the formulation to one of the best available for food decoration, it is fully certified for use in the EU and is also certified Kosher. Supplied in sealed packaging the TastyJet ink bags connect to the printer with no chance of contamination, when used correctly it is practically impossible to have any kind of ink spill when changing the ink bags. Without the use of refillable cartridge’s the printer is simple to operate, easy to clean and delivers fantastic quality at great speed with the minimum of fuss.

But don’t just take our word for it, click here and take a look at this short trailer showing briefly what the TastyJet 3 can do. Also included in the price are installation and delivery, training and the Resolute food RIP software making complicated templates and colour matching a thing of the past.

If you would like to see a demonstration of food printing or examples of ROI there is no better way than to visit Resolute’s headquarters in Chesterfield. Situated minutes from junction 29 on the M1 and less than five minutes from Chesterfield train station the showroom is quick and easy to get to.

If your business offers personalisation Resolute can help, from printed T shirts to printed bottles and now confectionery and food Resolute offers the full package with great prices.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information – The Resolute Team.

Click here to see a short video of the MVP UV printer in action
Click here to see a short video of the R-Jet 5 textile printer in action

For further details on the TastyJet, R-Jet 5 textile printer, the new MVP UV range or Resolute’s food printing equipment and specialist inks please contact :-

Resolute DTG Ltd
Unit 2, Turnoaks Lane, Chesterfield S40 2HA
Tel: 01246 202686

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