Resolute Print Group to manufacture new 3 axis flatbed printer in the UK

FREEStyler for direct to screen
FREEStyler for direct to screen

The jump to manufacturing in the UK is due to the high demand of the soon to launch 3 axis flat bed range.

Already known as EXILE Technologies’ FREEStyler for direct to screen and the R-Jet L.A. for cotton and sublimation printing, these two products will be the first to be manufactured from the ground up in the UK.

Resolute Print Group’s MD Colin Marsh explains: “The recent joint venture with EXILE Technologies is a global one, the demand for the 3 axis flat bed printer is now very high.

“It made perfect sense to start manufacturing in the UK after the initial prototype units were developed and tested in 2015. These printers are genuinely built from the ground up and capable of a wide range of different printing processes. The printing bar, carriage, pcbs, drivers and the firmware are all custom-made giving us full control of what the printer can do and sets the Resolute brand aside from others.

“We believe this will be the first inkjet printer range to be made in the UK. With the concept starting over three years ago, the main companies involved, Resolute DTG and Mexar Inkjet Solutions, both part owned by Resolute Print Group, EXILE Technologies and CADlink have worked very closely together over the years developing the product.

“Throughout 2016 the brand will be rolled out across the globe with, DTG, DTS, sublimation and hybrid printing being the first processes available.

“With Printwear & Promotion LIVE! being the official UK launch of the EXILE FREEStyler DTS, 2016 is set to be a very busy and proud year for all involved.”

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