Resolute Ink releases new CMYK formulation

ResoluteinksectionIn December 2015 the new version of Resolute Ink will be released offering a greater colour gamut with increased durability. The well established much loved brand used by thousands throughout the world has remained unchanged for over five years now. In line with the current DTG industry demands the new Resolute Ink formulation will replace the original product by March 2016. Current users of the original Resolute Ink need to make no changes in order to benefit from the new formulation.

With bright vivid colours, greater durability in the wash and a reduction in price the owners of the brand, Resolute Print Group has yet again created a product that is a hard act to follow. Manufactured in the UK within the group, Resolute Ink is a genuine British product and one the company is very proud of, originally designed for use in earlier DTG printers without circulation the changes to the CMYK formulation have no effect on the white ink used. Compatible with both versions of white ink, the traditional Resolute white and the Resolute iWICS high speed white for use in DTG printers with circulation, all owners of DTG printers using Epson technology can benefit from the new formulation. Resolute Brite will also be available from authorised distributors starting in January 2016. A list of DTG printers compatible with the new formulation is available on the Resolute Ink Facebook page, like the page and Resolute will keep you up to date with the company’s latest developments and the many special offers it holds every month.

Don’t forget Resolute also stocks a wide range of products including LED UV Printers, TastyJet food printers and the Tajima range of high quality embroidery machines, click the links below for more info.

For further information on garment, food and UV printing please contact the sales team:-

Resolute DTG Ltd, Unit 2, Turnoaks Lane, Chesterfield S40 2HA

Tel: 01246 202686

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