Resolute DTG – The first DTG hybrid system with no pre-treatment for dark cotton & polyester.

R-Jet 5 hybrid2Resolute’s new website goes live

With the launch of Resolute DTG’s new website in March 2014 and the iPhone App earlier in the year came the chance to publish more information on new products and services due to launch throughout 2014. Whilst Resolute DTG focuses mainly on the direct to printing process, involvement in developing new products will bring some very different decoration equipment to market this year.

To celebrate the launch Resolute are giving away free pre-treatment with every litre of DuPont™ Artistri™ white ink until the end of April.

Resolute will soon launch a range of flex vinyl, details will appear on the new website soon.

Hybrid DTG system – the first white ink with no pre-treatment for dark cotton & polyester.
The European development team have been working under some pretty strict confidential rules on Resolute’s new hybrid DTG printer for over 18 months now.  The hybrid DTG system will have the option to print small quantities using the traditional direct to garment method of white and coloured ink through the printer. When the print run increases the same hybrid DTG printer switches & uses a clever patented registration system to print a white under base using brand new technology, it then automatically prints the colour pass through the print head similar to a standard two pass print. The main difference is the speed. Projected print times for a dark polyester or cotton garment are expected to be around 1 to 2 minutes per garment on a print run of 50 or more with no need to pre-treat. This all sounds very exciting and very expensive, but that’s not the case. Resolute aim to launch the 1st purpose built hybrid system for less than £19,000. This will include the unique new white printing system, software and the existing R-Jet 5 which is a full DTG printer and a host for the new white technology.

The benefits to the hybrid DTG printer will be massive not only for new customers but existing customers who already own an R-Jet 5. When Resolute say we are building a printer for the future they really mean it. The retro fit hybrid upgrade will be available to all future and existing R-Jet 5 owners immediately the system and its clever design are fully patented and beta tested in the field. Loading a garment is a simple process that can be done in advance and stacked for a production print run. This does of course mean Resolute DTG’s hybrid printer will be the first system to print onto dark cotton & dark polyester using no pre-treatment at all. Details will appear on the website very soon.

For further information on any of the products mentioned please contact :-

Resolute DTG Ltd
Unit 2, Turnoaks Lane, Chesterfield S40 2HA
Telephone 01246 202686

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