Resolute DTG holds show prices due to the £ strength over the €

ada-201410If you missed the two recent shows, Printwear & Promotion LIVE! and Sign & Digital UK where Resolute DTG offered the R-Jet 5 DTG printer bundled with the R-Treat II pre-treatment machine for £10,950 fear not. If you follow the markets you will know the Euro has hit a low against the pound.

Instead of pocketing the extra profit Resolute’s managing director Colin Marsh insists the show bundle prices remain in place for as long as the favourable rate remains. Mr Marsh stated: “Some will make hay while the sun shines but keeping our prices down because we can, not only shows commitment to our customers, it shows Resolute’s commitment to the DTG industry in general.”

With these amazing prices held and 20% regional growth funding* available on Resolute’s printing equipment there has never been a better time to invest and grow your business.

Take a look at the R-Jet 5 in action – in-line printing is just one of its production features.

Attract new business with ADA Braille signage

With the recent arrival of a new product to Resolute, the UV MVP series, the team at Resolute have been very busy. With its unique Textur3D printing, ADA braille printing and EasyCyl attachment for printing onto bottles the MVP has no trouble standing out in a crowd.

Available for the first time in the UK, these high tech UV printers produce some pretty amazing results not just for Braille but promotional items in general. Printing phone cases has been done in many different ways in the past but the MVP takes phone and tablet case printing to another level. Textur3D printing in one pass can produce a raised image or text at very low costs adding value and making the phone case unique. With a substrate depth of up to 375mm and capable of carrying a product weighing up to nine kilos the MVP range is undoubtedly unique. Not only printing directly onto flat plastics, metals, wood, rubber, glass and much more with normal and Textur3D images the MVP6 and MVP15 can print the same images onto cylindrical products. Plastic and metal water bottles, wine glasses and bottles, tins and golf balls its possibilities reach as far as your imagination will take you.

You can see how simple it is to print a wine bottle on the MVP6 here. Starting at just £16,950 which is very good for a UV printer with as many features as the MVP range, it can print on average 5x faster than its rivals out performing most 10x when printing onto cylindrical objects.

With features like fully circulating closed white ink system and automatic print head tracking, which allows the MVP to move the UV curing lamp away from the print head as it runs on its own carriage, this vastly reduces ink curing on the surface of the print head on certain reflective substrates its no wonder this amazing new range of UV printers is proving to be very popular.

But don’t just take Resolute’s word for it, give the team a call on 01246 202686 or pay a visit to its showroom in Chesterfield to view the amazing R-Jet 5 & MVP range. The team can demonstrate the ROI on these two products in minutes. At Resolute, the team says seeing is believing and they thrive on recommendations from customers:

“You cannot beat the down to earth prices, high quality equipment and professional support team that Resolute has, being in the trade for many years I know only to well the value of working with Resolute, ” Zahid Ali – Identity Manchester

For further details on the R-Jet 5 textile printer, the new MVP UV range or Resolute’s food printing equipment and specialist inks please contact :-

Resolute DTG Ltd
Unit 2, Turnoaks Lane, Chesterfield S40 2HA
Tel: 01246 202686

*Terms & Conditions apply to regional funding and finance.

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