Resolute beats the Brexit blues

UntitledAs the pound continues to plummet in value the 60% of Resolute’s client base which is located outside the UK will benefit with instant price cuts when buying from Resolute. Sadly, this is not the case if your business resides here in the UK. In just a few weeks fuel, food and many others will start to show the signs of a weak pound with prices creeping up.

But it’s not all doom and gloom at Resolute Print Group. Its flagship brand Resolute Ink is manufactured in the UK and remains unaffected by Brexit. From £119 per litre for CMYK and White Ink from £129 when purchased in a bundle it remains the most economical DTG ink available in Europe. Fully compatible with most DTG printers (click to see if you can use Resolute Brite in your DTG printer).

In fact when you buy from Resolute it is exactly the opposite to the Brexit effect. A little over three months ago Resolute Print Group started to manufacture its own printers right here in the UK. The first was the R-Jet L.A. flatbed printer used by EXILE Technologies for its FREEStyler direct to screen machine. The much talked about new R-Jet 6, big brother to the R-Jet 5, will also be manufactured here in the UK. Resolute couldn’t have foreseen the results of the Brexit but the company always knew it was a possibility. Ring fencing its products by manufacturing as much as possible here in the UK allows Resolute to keep a strong foothold in the market and provide its customers with value for money products with no compromise on quality or availability.

Resolute also supplies a wide range of products including LED UV Printers, TastyJet food printers and a wide range of DTG inks, click the links below for more info.

For further information on garment, food and UV printing please contact the sales team at

Resolute Print Group, Unit 2, Turnoaks Lane, Chesterfield S40 2HA

Tel: 01246 202686

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