Redesigned, revamped and reworked

annotations2016 has been a great year for Netdigitizing and Embroiderybadge.UK. The company is excited to announce the launch of its new online ordering system. The system has been redesigned and rebuilt from scratch and the official release date is January, 21 2017.

The new user interface makes uploading files and placing orders even easier. The new ticketing system lets you interact with embroidery specialists or the accounts department as you place an order or check out your invoices in real-time

Small text has never been a big issue at Netdigitizing as the company has always succeeded in providing a solution on a design to design basis. The new Netdigitizing system not only allows for alternate layouts but you can also choose the size 60s or size 75s thread at the time of ordering.

 Resolving issues

Netdigitizing has also resolved the issue of using some tricky designs on multiple fabrics. The system allows customers to request an alternate version on different fabric (if required) at the click of a mouse making the process simpler and super fast.

Netdigitizing takes customer feedback very seriously and based on this feedback, many of the existing features have been reworked. Annotations are even faster and easier to apply the sign in process is even more secure, protecting your online data intuitive order forms and slick invoice payment system make the overall user experience child’s play.

The new EmbroideryBadge system incorporates the best badge quotations system worldwide, rich in detail and lightning fast, badge quotes and digital mock-ups can be delivered in hours.

blazer-and-jumperNetdigitizing is also pleased to announce a complete revamp and reworked launching in early 2017. The site has a great new look and feel and of course there will be loads of great offers for you.

The new systems and websites will be accessible from all your devices including smart phones and tablets.

Do visit Netdigitizing’s website today to check out the company’s latest promotions.

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