PSI celebrates 60th anniversary

For 60 years the International Network of the Promotional Products Industry has celebrated sustainable business, lasting contacts, trends and innovations – and above all: a strong community.

From January 7 to 9 the PSI trade show will be held concurrently with the parallel events viscom and PromoTex Expo for the second time now.

PromoTex Expo to move closer to PSI again

In 2020 the colourful cosmos of promotional products can be explored again by promotional product distributors, textile manufacturers, signmakers, agencies and marketers in Halls 9 to 12. There they will encounter such household names in the industry as MOB, XINDAO, Senator, Victorinox, Macma, Toppoint, JCK and Inspirion. Registered as returnees to the trade show are Karl Knauer, Stiefelmayer-Contento, b & a Vertrieb, R3D, i4 and Acarta, to name but a few. But numerous new faces will also be presenting themselves to the market for the first time at PSI. Ritter-Sport is joining the fray as a major brand manufacturer of chocolate products alongside Tramontina, Maiback and the ZirbenFamilie.

At the same time, there will be some changes in the halls. PromoTex Expo will move closer to PSI again for its second edition and occupy parts of Hall 12. In exchange for this, floor space so far unexploited in the other halls will be used for selling.

viscom will find its new home in Hall 13. Two walkways create a direct connection between the two trade shows thereby ensuring optimal visitor flows. The trade show for visual communication will also be directly accessible via the entrances Ost and Nord-Ost. As a result, the tactile, textile and visual forms of communication will again be presented under the same roof and within even easier reach at the beginning of the year.

Distributors decide about marketers admitted to the trade show

As before, admission to all three trade shows will be exclusively restricted to accredited trade visitors and PSI members. Moreover, it will again be up to the promotional products distributors to decide whether they invite their customers to Düsseldorf. What’s new is that they will also be able to decide on which of the three trade show days they would like to do so.

The ‘living room’ of promotional products distributors

PSI does more for its members: This will be demonstrated as impressively as ever next January by the PSI Members Only Lounge – the industry’s living room. Located at the centre of Hall 9 it will provide all the services associated with membership as the central point of contact. This is also the place where the exclusive programme addressing those themes keeping the sector on its toes will be staged. Access is reserved to PSI members. At the same time, the Lounge serves as a retreat for talks between manufacturers and distributors as well as distributors and their customers. For three days the motto of this area will also be: Let’s celebrate. With a number of activities the PSI extends an invitation to celebrate the long tradition of a unique network.

Beyond this, PSI has many other highlights to offer. Injecting a fresh breeze GUSTO will become a taste experience live and direct. In future, you will be able to not only smell and taste but also experience promotional products here. Those interested in a product showcase of the highlights and innovations in the industry should allow for some time to stroll through the Product Presentation aisles during their trade show visit. Up to 200 bestsellers and newcomers from this exhibition segment will be on show here pooled together.

Three days, three trade shows

Those visiting PSI in January will simultaneously gain access to viscom, The International Trade Show for Visual Communication and PromoTex Expo, the International Trade Show for Promotion, Sports and Workwear.

This interplay of events results in valuable synergies for trade show participants because here the path from the base product through finishing to the use as a promotional product will be displayed under one roof. And there is also inspiration galore for other visual and textile possibilities. What all three sectors have in common is the ever greater role played by sustainability. This trend especially influences the selection of side events, which will revolve around new legislation, directives and best practices.

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