Production photo transfers with just one screen

Full photographic transfers can be created

Since 2013 many companies in the UK and Ireland have benefited from being introduced to the DST transfer printing system.

This streamlined system combines the benefits of traditional screen printing with those of digital to produce exceptional results across a wide range of garments/ bags. Full photographic transfers using soft feel powder can be produced using just one screen efficiently and cost effectively. 200 A4 sized transfers or up to 1,600 A7 transfers can be produced in just one hour from receipt of artwork to completion.

The transfers are sharp, bright, durable and stand up to regular machine washing.

Such is the adaptability of the system that in just one pass a single screen can contain a range of individual designs contained in one basic outline. The screen stays the same, the design is changed digitally and the net result is a range of diverse and personalised options for the customer.

This makes for satisfied customers and happy printers who find their business and profit margins growing in equal measure.

Fuchs heat presses

Fuchs is a family-owned business that has a very long tradition of manufacturing heat presses in Bavaria, Germany, since the 1960s. In fact, there are still Fuchs heat presses from the 1960s working today.

Many heat presses are built with a view of being replaced after an amount of time but the Fuchs heat presses are built to last. Fuchs is passionate about its products, this can be seen through the company’s dedication to quality, innovation, knowledge and high-quality components.

Fuchs offers a choice between manual, semi-automatic and pneumatic models. You can choose between clam presses, swing presses, fusing presses, sliding table presses and membrane presses, large format presses and thermo presses with one or two stations.

Fuchs presses are distributed in the UK and Ireland by Global Print Solutions.

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