Product upgrades further enhance Dae Ha UK’s range of premium quality heat transfer films

Printable metallic film
Printable metallic film

Following Dae Ha UK’s hugely successful debut at P&P LIVE!, the company is introducing a series of product upgrades during 2015, and best of all these upgrades will come at no extra cost, as Dae Ha is committed to bringing you an unrivalled quality to price ratio.

Printable PU White – Not so much as an upgrade but virtually a brand new product. Dae Ha UK is excited to introduce a softer, thinner, film, which has fantastic stretch and rebound properties. There will also be improved clarity of your printed designs, making for a truly premium printable film.

Premium PU –Dae Ha UK is introducing an upgraded PU film which will provide an even softer feel with improved elasticity.

The colour of the hot melt adhesive is changing from clear to a soft white. This will further enhance the easy weed nature of the film when looking for cut lines, while adding improved opacity to help prevent colour migration / colour bleed through of the textile you’re pressing onto.

Glitter – Not only will Dae Ha UK be introducing enhanced raw materials to keep the film ahead of the game, but you’ll also be able to laser cut the glitter film as well as plotter cut, therefore reducing process time while saving wear on blades.

Metallic and Holographic – You’ll soon be able to sublimation print (using a transfer paper) on to the surface of Dae Ha’s metallic and holographic films to produce some exhilarating images and effects.

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