Prism Inks celebrates 20th anniversary

Amir Ajanee and Graham Dracup are the founders of Prism Inks

July saw Prism Inks celebrate 20 years as one of the industry’s most innovative and advanced ink manufacturers.

Founded in Sunnyvale, California, as an offshoot of Topaz Technologies, Amir Ajanee, CEO and president, and Graham Dracup, vice president of engineering, co-founded the company based upon a philosophy of using world class manufacturing and development for the benefit of customers and its employees. Being situated in Silicon Valley has provided a competitive R&D advantage in providing leading edge and environmentally safe products.

Both Mr Ajanee and Mr Dracup are immigrants to the US. Mr Anajee came from Pakistan as a teenage, while Mr Dracup was born in the UK and immigrated to work at Topaz Technologies. Both men worked at Topaz Technologies, but had an entrepreneurial itch to start their own company together. When the opportunity presented itself, Prism Inks was formed.

Mr Ajanee said: “We are true believers in the American dream of working hard to achieve fuller lives and better opportunities for all of our coworkers so that they participate in the success of the company. For years we have shared a portion of the annual profits with our employees so that their hard work is further recognised and rewarded. This is really important to both Graham and me.”

Mr Dracup added: “Although I am pleased with the exponential growth rate and financial success of the company, I am far more proud of being able to provide well-paying jobs with excellent benefits to our employees. Prism Inks is a melting pot of employees with diverse backgrounds like Amir and me, and being able to provide for our employees is indeed a blessing.”

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