Is printing sportswear a ‘bleeding’ headache?

The Lancer range
The Lancer range

If you print sportswear, the terms dye migration, dye sublimation or bleed will not be anything new, but how do you deal with it?

The Lancer range of inks offer screen printers some excellent solutions to a very thorny issue. Miracle White is a special white ink formulated for polyesters that is now being used by some of the biggest sportswear printers across the UK and Europe. Miracle White resists bleed from problematic products and can be further enhanced by using Lancer’s Low Cure Additive to lower the cure temperature and further resist the potential problem of colour bleed.

One of the biggest guns in the Lancer arsenal against the perpetual issue of dye migration is SportPro Defender. This is a first-down grey ink that acts as a filter to stop dyes from migrating from the garment to the ink and it is used as an underbase. SportPro Defender is available in standard plastisol and PVC-free varieties.

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