Printing on polo shirts and bags

In this month’s DTG Column, Folker Stachetzki, Brother’s marketing manager, takes a look at printing onto polo shirts and bags.

There are several more things to print on than just on standard T shirts. Recently, cotton bags have become increasingly popular. Especially in times when environmental awareness is playing an increasingly important role.

You should take advantage of this trend by printing individual bags quickly and easily. Especially for a start-up it’s simple to do and most prints are just done in CMYK.

All you need to get up and running is a printer and a heat press. You can then make simple bags more valuable by a unique or even a personalised design printed on.

A little more knowledge

Another textile to print on could be a polo shirt. But here you need some more equipment and a little bit more knowledge.

Additionally, to the before noted things, you will need a special solution or platen to handle the buttons and the collar of those shirts during printing.

Also, the garment itself needs special attention. Most shirts are made of pique fabrics and need some adjustments in the print file regarding the white underlayer.

A I would advise that you set aside at least one polo shirt before you start the complete production to test and set up the best-looking settings for this special brand/ fabric.

Once you have done this, printing polo shirts can bring a big boost for your business.

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