Printify unites with Shutterstock to supercharge print-on-demand merchant potential

Printify has entered into a strategic partnership with Shutterstock, a full-service creative solution that offers photography, video content, music, and editing tools.

This amalgamation provides Printify’s network of commercial merchants with additional creative capabilities for their customised products. As artwork is a significant driver of these shopkeepers’ sales, the capacity to access Shutterstock’s superior content is anticipated to significantly impact profitability. This development is of particular value for entrepreneurs without design expertise training, professional equipment, or artistic backgrounds.

Printify product manager, François Xavier Cardi, said: “Using the Shutterstock API was the easiest way of increasing the capabilities of our product creation process. The documentation is amazing, support is super responsive, and it provides excellent feedback. The Editor and the Shutterstock UI enhance merchant experiences without increasing implementation times.”

Shutterstock materials will be available to Printify merchants via an optional, tiered system with flexible payment methods relative to their preferences. Invoices for the services of Shutterstock will only apply to products that are successfully sold. In other words, the cost of using Shutterstock will be deducted from the profits of a sale – reducing risk, encouraging exploration, and improving feasibility.

Alex Reynolds, VP of platform solutions at Shutterstock, added: “Shutterstock is dedicated to providing our partners, customers and communities access to the highest quality creative content. Through this important partnership, Printify’s merchants can choose from millions of images at the click of a button via our robust API.”

This will be the first integration to be added to Printify’s core product. The Shutterstock inclusion will appear for Printify merchants during the product creation process. There, merchants who aren’t designers can keyword search for various topics in supplementation of their own creative motivations.

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