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Customised products are big news. Recent research commissioned by technology giant HP revealed that the global value of the customised product market will exceed £24bn by next year, an increase of 55% on 2016’s figure. The same study found that 70% of online buyers are willing to spend at least 10% extra for a personalised product.

Brickweb, an internet development company with over 25 years of experience, has created the Brick Factory with the print-on-demand and direct to garment industries firmly in mind. The Brick Factory is a secure and powerful cloud portal, which allows its users to efficiently manage every aspect of their custom merchandising operation. Everything can be carried out in real-time from any internet-enabled device.

Fittingly, the Brick Factory offers users a completely customised experience, bespoke to their individual requirements. Many different modules are available within the Brick Factory, so that users can fine-tune all necessary processes from designing and ordering to shipping and fulfilment. There’s also a state-of-the-art AI module that allows the business to respond to customer queries 24 hours a day.

Synchronisation and integration are key to the Brick Factory experience. The cloud portal can be easily integrated with major suppliers like Shopify, eBay, WordPress, WooCommerce and Amazon, as well as synchronised with popular accounting systems like QuickBooks and SAGE. With the use of a unique API/CSV tool, users can even integrate the Brick Factory with unique stores.

Brickweb is offering a free one-to-one demonstration of the Brick Factory, which lasts around one hour. Prospective clients will be shown all of the Brick Factory’s many powerful features and given personalised advice on how they can use it to its full potential.

To book a demonstration get in touch.

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