Print full-size images in 30 to 45 seconds

M-Link X
M-Link X

The combination of speed and quality makes M-Link X superior to direct-to-garment digital printers costing more than three times as much. M-Link X prints full-size images on white shirts in an amazing 30 to 45 seconds and on dark shirts in less than a minute. And M&R’s exclusive i-Colour RIP quickly converts files into printed images with maximum sharpness, superior shading and gradations, outstanding colour accuracy, and minimal print time.

White Print Mode prints CMYK with no underbase for use on white or light-colour shirts. Colour One-Pass Mode prints a gradated white underbase and CMYK on colour shirts. Black One-Pass Mode prints a gradated white underbase and CMY on black shirts, using the shirt’s colour for black areas of the image. On light-colour shirts with light pretreatment, Highlight Mode prints CMYK and a white highlight—but without a white underbase. Since two white printheads are positioned ahead of the colour printheads, M-Link and M-Link X are capable of printing the white and colour layers in the same pass.

M&R’s digital division product manager, Stephen Chuddy, said: “The one-pass modes speed up production, and the optimized RIP helps lower overall ink consumption.

“In addition, M-Links are designed with integrated bulk ink-feed systems. This liberates users from expensive cartridge-based systems.”

M&R’s products are available in the UK from Dave Roper.

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