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Klieverik GTC1850 Flowline

With UK manufacturing increasing, and in particular the textile market, the team at Sabur is seeing many companies needing to up their game when it comes to finishing and pressing their textiles.

The investment in the correct heat fixation unit is paramount to both the quality and quantity that a textile manufacturer can turn around in a manufacturing environment. With over 20 years proudly supporting British manufacturing and proudly partnering world-leading manufacturers including Klieverik (Calendar) and Sefa (Flat) the team at Sabur Digital is confident that they can provide the correct solution for your business.

Klieverik calendar presses

Manufactured in The Netherlands for over 40 years, Klieverik is a market leader when it comes to thermo-processing equipment. From initial design to manufacture and partnering with Sabur install innovative industrial calendar presses.

With its ability to produce textile transfers both Roll2Roll and also via panel placement the Klieverik GTC1850 Flowline is an excellent choice for manufacturers looking for continuous production. The printed media can be placed in position and plain panels simply placed on the transfer print and the paper media becomes the conveyor belt and transports the textile through the press over the drum and simply drops out at the rear. Alternatively the printed media can be fed through the press as a roll to roll with the textile and rerolled to the rear, two machines in one, brilliant.

The GTC range is available in various widths and drum sizes (larger drums increase speed) for various applications.

Target industries: sportswear, fashion, home furnishing, flags and banners.

Sefa large format flat presses

Manufactured in southern France for over 40 years Sefa produces a range of heat presses for industrial applications including textile and hard substrates. The company’s continued investment in innovative R&D ensures that Sefa remains one of the industry leaders when it comes to flat pressing. With a Chromaluxe accreditation Sefa ensures that an even and constant temperature is achieved throughout the pressing process across the whole print area.

Industrial applications: Sefa offer a range of industrial heat presses including dual platen for continued uninterrupted manufacturing, ensuring that the company gets the most out of the operative in a safe environment. With a range of industrial sizes, Sabur is confident that there is a solution that can help to increase your manufacturing process.

Target markets: fashion, sportswear, apparel décor and hard substrates (Chromaluxe approved).

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