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Melco EMT16
Melco EMT16

Whether you have a one head Melco EMT16 or a multi-head version your embroidery production will be way ahead of your competitors.

One of Amaya’s customers, a leading schoolwear manufacturer, recently said: “On a bulk order, the four Melco EMT16 modular machines have embroidered 16.9 garments per hour compared to 15.3 garments on one of our fixed head machines. Over double the production with half the number of heads.”

The Melco EMT16’s main features are fully automatic thread tensioning, modularity, speeds of up to 1,500 stitches per minute, 16 needles and laser light design alignment. Another important factor is the Melco operating software which gives the operator full control over the modular machines connected to it. Among other features the software gives you the ability to quickly switch the machines from individual operation to a multi-head system. For example, if you had six Melco EMT16 machines you could configure them however you want. You could have all of them doing different jobs or you could set up a 3×3, 1×5, 2x2x2 or whatever suits your production needs. The major benefit is efficiency; this is achieved in many forms. The modular system gives the advantage of individual heads; if you have a thread break only one head will stop, leaving the rest in full production. When setting up a fixed six head for a new job and you need a new thread, you would have to thread all heads before starting up the machine. On the Melco EMT16 system you can start up each head as soon as it is threaded. The same applies to bobbin changes, framing up and so on.

So, if you want to drastically improve your production please arrange a demonstration at one of Amaya’s showrooms and let the team show you how.

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