Position graphics precisely and easily with CADlink when printing on DTG printers

CADlink Technology is very pleased to announce an exciting new feature release for direct to garment printers. The Visual Print Positioning Module is now available as an add-on to all Digital Factory Apparel products.

Visual Print Positioning technology provides a very simple alignment calibration interface that enables graphics to be positioned within a 1mm accuracy tolerance and can be used on all DTG printers currently supported by the Digital Factory Apparel software product line.

VPP is absolutely invaluable when it comes to positioning print jobs in highly specific areas on T shirts, hoodies, sneakers, ball caps, socks, arm sleeves and much more. It provides a real-time preview of the garment on screen and allows the user to position the graphics in the exact location desired prior to printing. It eliminates any guess work required to the final, specific location of the print on a garment. The return on investment as it relates to labour and material savings is almost immediate.

This unique software-only feature supports all USB compatible digital cameras and webcams allowing users to select their own image capturing devices as well as their own mounting hardware and approach. This provides users with a great deal of flexibility when selecting hardware tailored to their workspace requirements.

Digital Factory Apparel RIP software supports virtually all of the most widely used DTG printers available worldwide, and is recognised as an industry leader in colour, white ink and workflow management by manufacturers, resellers and most importantly shops producing DTG products.


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