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Raising the bar
Raising the bar

Full colour dye sublimation mugs produced by Keramikos have always been a popular choice when it comes to promotional products.

Their value for money, fast turnaround times, small quantity orders, large range of shapes, bright, vibrant prints which take advantage of the product by filling the whole face of the mug; are just some of the reasons why they are an excellent promotional product.

Keramikos has raised the bar with its Millennium Coated Dye Sublimation Durham mugs. The patent protected Millennium Coat is an invisible coat which is 100% dishwasher proof, yet maintains the mugs stunning bright, vibrant, colourful print. The mugs have been independently tested to withstand over 2,000 wash cycles without showing any signs of fading. Keramikos has also invested heavily in dye sublimation technology to help cement them as being the leading mug decorator in Europe.

Keramikos understands that clients require more than just the usual standard mug shape to wow the end user. This is where Keramikos excels, by offering the widest range of full colour dye sublimation mug shapes; from the best selling Durham mug to eloquent bone china mugs and distinctive heat changing mugs.

Godfrey O’Donnell, commercial director, Keramikos, said: “We have invested greatly in our dye sublimation department as we wanted to provide our customers with products that tick all the boxes. Our new bone china and glassware dye sublimation range is perfect for those looking for a more premium promotional item to carry their message.”

Keramikos claims to host the most advanced dye sublimation line in Europe which allows orders to be despatched on a three and five day service and when time is at a premium deliveries can be achieved within 24 hours.

Other print methods such as transfer print and direct screen print are also available from Keramikos. You can count on Keramikos to deliver every time with its excellent lead times, first-rate customer service and superior quality of products. With millions of mugs being decorated each year by Keramikos, its forward thinking innovative nature ensures that the mighty mug remains a bestselling promotional product.

For more information visit www.mugsgalore.com

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