Plenty of printing products


Look no further than PenCarrie for all your garment decoration needs. From inks to embroidery equipment and packaging to transfer paper, PenCarrie has everything you need.

For DTG printing, PenCarrie offers a range of Polyprint DTG Power Inks (AM101) which are specially formulated to create more vibrant colour prints. These inks have a curing time of less than half of most DTG inks, meaning you can produce more without sacrificing the quality.

PenCarrie also supplies DuPont DTG Inks (AM001). These water-based pigment inks are specially designed to produce vivid colours and soft hand prints. They’re also extremely resistant to washing and environmentally friendly too.

PenCarrie advises that you check that your equipment is suitable for any consumables products you purchase as PenCarrie cannot be liable for any issues resulting from incorrect product use.

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