Plenty of new products for Amaya in 2016

Texjt Plus Advanced and LongDTG printers
Polyprint has succeeded in mixing screen print with digital printing which drastically reduces the price of printing on to a dark coloured garment. The perfect combination is now available at an affordable cost and giving optimum results. All the advantages of direct to garment printing at the cost and productivity getting close to screen printing.

This application uses the screen printing equipment to print the white ink and the Texjet Plus Advanced to digitally print the CMYK colours on top. This dramatically reduces the cost of the print to around 10 to 15p for medium to high runs and increases the production up to around 60 dark shirts per hour when using the Texjet Plus Advanced. Just add more Texjet printers to increase production. Using this method, no pre-coat is required and you could add effects like glitter, gold etc. in combination with CMYK digital print. The only extra cost to set this up with a Texjet Plus is the extra pallet bases.

Polyprint has also introduced the new Texjet Plus Long giving an increased printing area of 95x41cm which will help when printing on to dresses and bedding etc. It also has a double platen system giving two times 40x36cm.

The standard Texjet Plus Advanced continues to be very popular and gives excellent quality prints with superb washablilty and at the best price for a professional DTG printer. The latest Ver. 7 RIP software will also be available.

DTG inks
Amaya will be putting together some different packages of DTG ink so that you can buy more economically. Amaya offers the world famous DuPont Artistri ink and pre-coat together with the Polyprint CMYK Power Inks. The CMYK Power Inks only require 30/45 seconds curing time on white shirts and 60/90 seconds on dark shirts.

Melco EMT16 multiheadEmbroidery machines
The Melco EMT16 modular embroidery system is fast building a reputation as the most efficient production unit available. This unique setup is ideally suited to either small embroidery company’s right up to high production multi-head setups. Some companies have drastically reduced the amount of heads while still keeping up with production. Why not visit one of Amaya’s showrooms and see for yourself how the Melco modular machines can transform your embroidery production.

Garment VinylGarment vinyl and film
In the first quarter of 2016 Amaya will be launching a new SEF garment film called X4 which will complement its range of vinyl and films even further. Its tacky backing allows the operator to weed at speed, without losing detail and you can cut smaller text than with many other products in the market.  Another major advantage is that it can be fused in just four seconds.

Amaya stocks a wide range of garment films suitable for types of clothing and at very competitive prices. If you require flock why not try the Velcut range which is one of the best in the industry.

Transfer paper
Amaya will be launching a new range of transfer paper with many new and exciting features and benefits. These papers can be used on laser, solvent, sublimation and ink jet printers.  A new RIP software is also available that will transform the way you print and make the process more economical and improve on washability.

Heat presses
Amaya offers all the latest Stahls and Schulze heat presses.  Full details are available on the company’s website.

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