Playing a crucial role

Madeira has over 100 years of manufacturing experience, research and development

In the print and embroidery industry, consumables play a crucial role, yet the fundamental aspects of availability, quality and productivity can be overlooked in busy workshops.

Last minute ordering may lead to panic and/or delays. Poor quality items may create production issues, leading to damaged garments or downtime. Compared to the high value investment in machinery and manpower, consumables are proportionately the lowest cost aspect in the process.

With service, quality and continuity in mind, it’s always advisable to look for reliable suppliers. With embroidery, it’s important to choose Oeko-Tex certified items, guaranteed not to contain any banned substances.

Madeira is known for maintaining high stock levels, providing excellent service and as a responsible and environmentally ethical company, proud to maintain ISO 9001 standards, with all threads falling within Oeko-Tex Class I or II – suitable for babies/ safe for direct contact with skin.

Extending over 100 years of manufacturing experience, research and development, Madeira celebrates the success of its core product range.

Classic, natural viscose embroidery thread, combines beauty with functionality, is flexible at high speeds. Polyneon bleach resistant thread range. Both are washable to 95°C, between them featuring more than 800 shades, superfine variants ideal for fine details or small text or heavier weights for filling areas quickly.

Accompanying the extensive thread range is a variety of high quality backings, toppings, needles, scissors and accessories.

The ethos of continual improvement and high quality service keeps Madeira at the forefront of the industry, producing technologically relevant products such as the most recent innovation HC (High Conductive) thread, taking the imagination of embroiderers and engineers by storm.

Your consumables can make the difference between ‘ok’ and ‘excellence’ of the final product – choose them with care.

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