Pigment.inc breaks through textile barrier

DTG Guenuine_Ink Bottles_12 P30iDirect to garment printing has developed over the years into a major production technique and has supported the development of the ‘small order’ market by enabling low volume orders to be produced at competitive rates, t-shirt printing being the main beneficiary. The textile content of the shirt though has always been a limiting factor with 100% cotton usually demanded for this style of decoration. If the shirt had a 50% or more content of polyester then you had to resort to a different style of direct to garment production. Two sets of inks, two machines and two lots of investment – not the ideal business model. With the introduction of Pigment.inc® P30i by Nottinghamshire based Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) this has changed at last providing a single machine and ink combination that will print onto 100% cotton, 50/50 cotton/poly and even 100% dark polyester. One set of ink, one machine and a substantially better investment.

Pigment.inc® P30i is part of the DTG Digital catalogue of products, a company that has been at the forefront of this technology for many years. Apart from the obvious benefit that this ink gives the user there are other advantages such as less white ink settling, lower cure times, superior wash fastness and lower viscosity for better delivery to the print head. The latter also achieves a more consistent delivery of ink both in terms of flow and amount resulting in increased consistency where colour and quality are concerned. The ink is supported by 3 pre-treat formulations that can print onto a variety of fabrics including dark coloured stretch polyester. The white ink used in this process has the ability to stretch to over 300% without cracking.

The combination of Pigment.inc® P30i and the new M Series machines from DTG Digital make a formidable addition to the direct to garment market and will give a substantial advantage to those that use it. Not only does it give you the option of printing onto a variety of textiles but it does so without involving massive additional capital investment or tying your money up in a variety of ink stock.

Pigment.inc® P30i may be a new name on the market but when supplied by such pedigree companies as DTG Digital and YES Ltd it is accepted as a name you can rely on.

For more information contact YES Ltd on 01623 863343 or e-mail them at sales@yesltd.co.uk

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