PF Concept introduces compostable packaging for two drinkware ranges

PF Concept is serious about sustainability

PF Concept’s Americano and H2O ranges will be packed in compostable bags, marking a move away from PE bags.

As a leading drinkware supplier, PF Concept is serious about sustainability and being a responsible manufacturer and continually looks for improvements in product, decoration.

PF Concept has been investigating different packaging options for over 18 months now. Ralf Oster, CEO of PF Concept, said: “The challenge is finding a way to protect promotional products in transit and therefore protecting a business’ brand. While we wanted to move away from a plastic bag, many of the alternatives offered a lower level of protection, poor disposal methods or inefficient production methods – actually making them less sustainable than a plastic bag. We believe this new compostable bag is a great option that ticks all the required boxes.”

The bags are made from GMO-free material based on potato starch and are suitable for both domestic as well as industrial composting. This means that an end-user can put the bag in their home compost bin, food caddies or green waste bin for collection by local authorities. The composting process needs microorganisms and humidity to start the process. This will happen at ambient temperatures.

On each bag, a message is printed with disposal instructions.

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