Permaset now powered by solar energy

Zali Steggall, Federal MP, officially opened Colormaker’s solar installation

As the go-to ink of choice for eco-conscious screen printers, Permaset is now powered by solar energy.

Permaset’s eco-friendly ink range is manufactured in Australia by Colormaker Industries under strictly controlled conditions, where all paper, water and wastes are recycled and power is sourced from 100% renewable energy including 356 solar panels on the roof.

The solar installation was officially opened on Friday, September 25 by Federal MP for Warringah and champion for renewable energy in Australia, Zali Steggall.

Colormaker Industries managing director, David Stuart, said: “The energy generated by our solar array is enough to power 15-20 homes and will save the production of over 100 tonnes of greenhouse gas per year.

“Sustainability is something our customer base cares deeply about. We’re delighted that from now on a little bit of Australian sunshine will be going into every pot of Permaset, Permatone and Permaprint Premium ink we produce.”

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