The path to profitable personalisation


In a slightly congested industry, only made more so by the age of internet shopping, it can be difficult to stand out from your competition. A time honoured way you can differentiate your offering is with quality. The VersaUV LEF series, including the LEF-12, LEF-20 and LEF-300, provide businesses not only the versatility to produce exactly what your customers want, when they want them, but the quality to ensure they keep coming back for more.

A big buzzword in all customer facing businesses is upselling. With Roland DG’s VersaUV technology, combined with the vibrant quality and production capabilities of ECO-UV ink, encouraging a loyal customer to upsell is simple. A customer who may place an order for 50 pens for a small event is far more likely to come back with a 1,000 pen order for their next big event if the ink stays vibrant and durable with a beautiful finish after weeks of use. When your loyal customer returns you will then be able to upsell with further personalised items, all possible on the versatile VersaUV series.

VersaUV ECO-UV inks also comes in both white and gloss varieties, white ink helping colours to pop when used as a base coat on clear substrates, and gloss ink bringing luxurious finishes when used in combination with our texture library with 72 pattern presets ideal for raised or embossed effects. The choice between a CMYK prints, or added white and gloss effects, is ideal for businesses who want to offer a simplistic customisation line and a luxury line to accompany it, another fantastic example of upselling.

The path to profitable personalisation is a simple one – all it requires it a bit of investment and of course, imagination.

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