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2020 has been a big year for Mantis World, and the company is not slowing down any time soon. Since launching the innovative QR code impact calculator technology at the start of the year, Mantis World is now rolling it out as standard across the Mantis and Babybugz brands. To celebrate, the company is giving away 100 M01 Essential Organic Ts – and encouraging all customers to start seeing the difference of choosing organic today.

When it comes to creating eco-friendly fashion, Mantis World certainly knows what it is doing. Celebrating its 20th birthday this year, the company has consistently been ahead of the game on matters of sustainability and traceability. After being the first to introduce organic cotton to the printwear industry back in 2005, Mantis World pledged in 2017 to have switched all the cotton in its production to organic by 2021 – hitting this target two years early in 2019.

Tired of the greenwashing surrounding sustainability, the sights were set in 2020 on creating a new way of sharing the information customers want and need about where and how their clothes were made. That’s where the Mantis World Impact Calculator comes in. Starting with the M01 and M02 Essential Organic Tees, QR codes have been printed onto the inside care label, which by simply scanning with a smartphone takes the wearer to a white-label microsite. The site displays the environmental impact of the garment they’ve got in their hands, and what went into making it. The data shows the water, emissions, energy and pesticides that have been saved by making a more eco-friendly choice. By presenting customers with black and white numerical data, Mantis World is hoping to cut through the noise and give the naked facts about choosing organic over conventional. Keep scrolling through the site and you are also given an inside look at the supply chain, from the cotton fields to the warehouse, explaining how and where the garment was made.

Now, the QR codes are being rolled out across all brands: Mantis, One, Superstar, Mantis Kids and Babybugz. To celebrate, Mantis World is giving away 100 M01 Essential Organic Tees, made from 100% organic cotton and complete with the impact calculator QR code labels. Simply email and quote #whatsmyimpact with your preferred size and colour to get yours, and start seeing the difference in choosing organic.

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