The option to expand upon the standard range

bespokebury_page_1Bespokesbury is a new service launched by Henbury. It allows customers the flexibility to expand on Henbury’s current range and it’s an opportunity to shout about how flexible the company can be and what a difference this can make to the tenders and special orders.

Bespokebury can provide special sizes, unique colourways, and longer/shorter lengths as well as bespoke styling in any of the Henbury brand ranges.

Bespokebury is a service that is run through all the Henbury brands – Henbury, SF (Skinnifit), Finden+Hales, Front Row & Co, Tombo, Larkwood, Towel City, Splashmacs and Mumbles.

The team can make as few or as many garments as a customer requires, offering total flexability. Henbury can’t promise that everything is possible; but if the team can help, they will.

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