Optimise your production with a smart solution

Brother worked with Brain Industries to find the best workflow solutions for the Brother GTX

Using a fast DTG printer like the Brother GTX is the key aspect of an efficient production but having an optimised workflow is at least as important.

To provide the best solutions four your production, Brother worked together with Brain Industries to provide the best workflow solutions. If you run a small business or a mass production, Brother’s software solutions specially programmed for the Brother GTX DTG printer cover the whole production process or just parts – depending on your needs.

The Production RIP helps you to rip one file or thousands automatically. Install this software and drag-n-drop your graphic files to the folders. Anything else is handled automatically and the outputfiles are ready.

Brother’s Production RIP is prepared to effectively convert graphic files into print files, handle the colour accuracy and even generate a barcode sheet which can be used during the whole process.

The Pretreat Optimiser helps you set the pretreatment zone and spray amount accurately for each print file.

By using a Schulze PTM IV with pretreat optimiser you will never waste pretreatment by spraying the full product anymore.

The Search and Execute tool allows you to print any print file on any Brother DTG printer in your production by scanning the barcode or using the search field. In blink of eye there is the right print file on the screen and loaded in the printer.

The projector system is ideal for placing designs 100% accurate. This reduces misprints – in this case it is what you see is what you get!


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