Opening the world of sourcing

Livingstone International is a global sourcing organisation specialising in the procurement of value-added apparel for clients based in the UK, Europe and North America.

Established in 2001, its international network encompasses offices and affiliates in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, UAE, Turkey and the USA along with the UK head office.

Through Livingstone’s international network, the company has developed best-fit solutions for its clients ensuring that products are delivered on time and to the quality standards expected in their design briefs.

Livingstone International works with clients with a range of experience in sourcing. Regardless of whether you are brand new to overseas sourcing or highly experienced the team is able to create a tailor-made solution to meet your requirements.

  • Enquiries can be handled from all stages of development.
  • The team can work from original garments or technical drawings to help you create your final product design.
  • The team helps to identify the best manufacturing source for your requirements based upon quantity, lead-time, product specifics and price points.
  • Quality control and the monitoring of your program are integral to Livingstone International’s service.  All production is inspected by the team before the goods leave the factory.
  • The team handles all aspects of transport and logistics to ensure you have a seamless service from order to final delivery.

Use Livingstone International as an extension of your own purchasing department and let the team open the world of sourcing to you.

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