Open new markets for your business – DTG is not only about T shirts

3099new_DTGPromodoro has launched a direct to garment selling guide for garment decorators, detailing what it offers for DTG printing.

The Promodoro collection mirrors those interesting developments in materials that are currently taking place on the fast-moving printing technology market.

Promodoro particularly focuses on the latest needs within the sector that are important to guarantee optimal printing results.

In doing so, Promodoro unites the most recent developments from textile finishing technology with the most relevant

print trends. That is why Promodoro is the first and only company that claims that its products are highly suitable for DTG.

These are strengths that everyone can feel on their skin and see with their own eyes when they print digital on Promodoro.

Promodoro uses combed and only combed cotton which means:

  • Dyeabilty is very good.
  • Less hairiness and superior appearance.
  • Superior hand feel.
  • Short fibre percentage is low regular yarn made from higher grade cotton fibre.

Promodoro focuses on a clean and anti-pilling finishing which grant high printable quality result and excellent washing

performance in terms of shrinkage and also impact the durability of the garment or printed garment.

Promodoro quality is recognised by all experts as a perfect garment for DTG.

Digital printing is a strongly growing market, there really seems to be no limits in terms of materials and products. React to changing market trends and expand your range of bespoke styles, with items such slim fit shirts with elastane, poloshirts or sweatshirts from cotton or cotton/polyester.

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