Only shirts?


Do you only print on shirts? Folker Stachetzki, marketing manager at Brother, explains how you can extend your product range by printing on shorts or trousers.

A wide product range becomes more and more important if you want to stand out of the huge amount of shops and online stores.

So why not add printed, and especially, personalised shorts and trousers to your product range?

But how to do this? There are several special platens and additional solutions available in the marketplace to print efficiently on long and short trousers.


Printing on trousers, especially on the leg, is quite easy. It is best to use the sleeve platen which is made to print on sleeves and trouser legs.

Simply pull the trouser leg over the platen and fix it on top. With a little experience in your design software you should be able to create and adjust your design so that it fits. If you are unsure or you´d like to see exactly where you print on we recommend using a projection system. This system projects the image of the design to be printed on the (already placed) garment.

An advantage of this technique is that you see immediately what design is loaded to the machine and where it will be printed. If the positioning is not exactly where you want it to be, you can move the garment until it matches the required position.


Printing on shorts is no problem is you use a youth or baby platen. You have the flexibility to print on any kind of shorts – doesn’t matter what style or size.

By lowering the platen, in combination with a projection system, it is easier than ever to print precisely on pockets, seams or wherever you want your design to be.

It’s up to you if you want to undertake mass production, or personalise each garment to command a higher price. Happy printing!

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