One+All provides school uniform recycling units to retailers

One+All is providing uniform recycling collection units to its retail customers to support the reuse of school uniform. Made from recycled cardboard, One+All’s customers can receive up to five units free of charge, enabling preloved uniform garments to be collected and distributed to families.

Neil Ward, managing director of One+All, said: “Shockingly, 1.4 million wearable uniform garments are thrown away every year in the UK. By supporting our customers with the collection of unwanted schoolwear, we’re working together to extend its life, reduce waste and help families who might otherwise struggle to afford a uniform.”

Each unit is shipped flat-packed for convenience. Up to five units are being provided free of charge to each customer with more available to buy at cost, and customers can decide where best to locate the units, and what to do with the collected uniform.

Mr Ward added: “We expect some customers will partner with schools on recycling initiatives. Locating the units in schools will highlight the importance of sustainability and reuse to students too. Other customers may choose to locate the units at their shops or at public areas such as libraries.

“This is a vital campaign for providing families with high quality uniforms, helping them to save money, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also helps to protect the environment by encouraging people to re-use their uniforms and not let them end up in waste bins.”

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