More than a one-stop-shop

The most positive word in the English language is yes and that just happens to be the name of the most positive company in embroidery, Your Embroidery Services Ltd or YES Ltd.

For over 20 years now this company has been supplying the industrial embroidery industry with machinery, consumables, software and expertise. Not only embroidery has benefited though as the company has also branched out into the DTG printing arena as well as other ancillary areas of promotion and fashion with the latest being UV printing of promotional products.

It would have been easy to settle on the success the company has seen and plod along supplying the same old thing year after year but that would be totally against the YES Ltd pattern of thought which is ‘to benefit from progress you have to drive progress’ and that is certainly what it has done. YES Ltd has been responsible for many of the developments in the respective industries that we now take for granted and, where the company wasn’t directly involved, it has accepted the responsibility of honing many others.

SWF Dual Function

The SWF Dual Function is a case in point as, although it was developed by world leaders SWF, YES Ltd had more than a small say in the development and was heavily involved in an advisory capacity to ensure that its customers got what was needed.

This is a unique machine series that operates, up to, 25% faster than other multi-head machines and comes with a five year warranty and a seven year stitch quality guarantee. Think what that will do for your profitability.

M Series

M Series

Direct to garment printing was mentioned earlier and this is another area where YES Ltd has worked closely with the manufacturers to develop a machine that fits the needs of the market and not one that the market has to make do with.

DTG Digital machines have been designed from the ground up. Instead of relying on an existing print engine that would have to be adapted, the teams at DTG Digital and YES Ltd got their heads together and designed a bespoke print engine aimed specifically at the needs of the process. This meant no compromises in either operation or productivity.

As the industry grew and developed, the small and bulk order markets were converging and those serving both were looking at the prospect of separate machines. At least they were until the M Series was launched. This cleverly bridges that gap and more besides. As well as easily handling both markets this series can also print large format such as table linen or flags. There is no doubt that the M Series really has raised the bar.

Compress iUV-600s


Of course promotion covers many different areas and decorating promotional products was one that interested YES Ltd. That interest recently turned into reality in the guise of the Compress iUV-600s and big brother. This machine prints using UV inks onto, well, just about anything. Glass, wood, leather, plastic – in short, if you can mount it on the machine, you can print onto it.

When combined these three product ranges from YES Ltd give its customers the ability to satisfy a wide range of demands with the benefit of only having to go to one supplier for support and advice. To ensure that this continues, the company has invested regularly in its support network and, most recently, that was demonstrated with the move to its brand-new headquarters at Mansfield. This represented a large investment not only in the company’s future but also in that of their customers. The new bespoke premises allowed YES Ltd to expand each department giving them their own resources with which to support the ever growing customer base. Service, software support, technical support – each section of the support network has seen significant investment in infrastructure, manpower and technology, giving customers the confidence that they are never alone.

The term one-stop-shop is used a lot in this industry but it usually relates to a particular industry or product range. With YES Ltd it refers to the totality of support and products the company offers. However, YES Ltd does not see itself as a one-stop-shop but more as a complete supplier giving its customers the confidence to drive their own business forward in the knowledge that the best support network in the UK is right there to support them.

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