Oki introduces interchangeable black toner for Pro8432WT

The Pro8432WT

Oki’s Pro8432WT white toner transfer media printer has received an update which will enable end customers to switch between white and black toner.

This update will allow print shops to extend their service offering to printing true black on light colour garments or textiles and materials.

The black switchable feature is available as an upgrade to both new and existing Pro8432WT customers.

The compact design of the Pro8432WT means it boasts the smallest footprint for an A3 digital printer while providing unrivalled functionality and performance. Print houses, print clothing shops and creative businesses can capture revenue opportunities by printing high-quality decoration on everything from garments to trophies and mugs. With the new Switchable Toner Technology, the Pro8432WT will provide these capabilities, whether printing with white or black toner on dark or light backgrounds on an expansive range of transfer media.

Furthermore, using black toner compared with composite black (mixing cyan, magenta and yellow) ensures true rich black is printed cost-effectively to support creative designs on light media.

Shun Mochizuki, senior marketing manager, specialty print, OKI Europe, said: “The addition of black toner to the capabilities of the Pro8432WT means end customers can widen their revenue streams even further without investing in an additional device.”

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