Offer a high end product

Melange Royal
Melange Royal

Cottonridge supplies a top of the range sweatshirt made from 330gsm peach finished fabric with extremely soft feel.

The W107PF Sweatshirt is ideal for rebranding for own label because of its high street quality and it is priced at a price point that allows those decorating it for their own brand or a surf brand to still make a margin. Many printshops find it difficult to find a fashionable, retail quality Sweatshirt or hoodie at a price where they can sell it for a reasonable price and still make a margin. The whole Cottonridge peach finished range is designed with this in mind, balancing price but still offering a retail quality garment.

Cottonridge would recommend that all printshops offer a premium product as part of their offering because at some point a prospect or website visitor is likely to be looking for a high end product and if it is not on offer then they will look elsewhere and a sale is missed.

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