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Grafityp UK is a UK supplier of the excellent collection of LaserPro engraving machinery manufactured by GCC.

The LaserPro range offers machinery for engraving, cutting or marking a multitude of materials including acrylic, wood, tiles, leather, marble, glass, paper and card, fabrics, metals and many more. This extensive range caters for all kinds of requirements with a desktop C180II model at one end of the scale and the FMC-280 for industrial output, with up to 400 watts of power and capable of cutting metals at the other, with numerous machines of varying power options in between.

LaserPros can perform the simplest engraving job or the most intricate of designs and some will perform real 3D engraving. Perfect for trophy engraving, door nameplates, bespoke wedding invitations to the marking of tools or surgical instruments or cutting of jigsaw puzzles to control panels, they are versatile and easy to operate. These machines are packed with features and there are a number of useful add ons available such as a rotary attachment for engraving glasses or other cylindrical objects.

LaserPros are sturdy and well built. They come with a two year machine warranty for peace of mind and are installed by Grafityp’s own trained technical team. Grafityp can also arrange finance for your purchase which can spread the cost of ownership into easy monthly payments.

Grafityp has a dedicated LaserPro showroom at its premises in Tamworth, Staffordshire and welcomes visitors to see these machines perform (by prior arrangement), answer questions and offer advice.

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