No pre-treatment. No joke!

R-JET PRO DTF platen

In February 2021 Resolute DTG launched its first OEM build direct to film system. The water-based 60cm width reel to reel automated system has broken the mould on garment decoration.

Unlike other methods of garment decoration, the R-Jet PRO DTF transfers only the ink to the fabric.

No pre-treatment is required on any colour fabric and there is no weeding or second process, simply heat press directly onto the garment. With its super flexible prints and enhanced durability in the wash the product is suitable for workwear and sports wear including cotton, polyester, softshell, denim, high-vis safetywear and a wide range of rigid substrates like packaging and point of sale signs etc.

Exclusive features

Resolute’s exclusive features make printing sleeves, caps, garment tags, lanyards, socks and other time-consuming items quick and easy separating the system from others.

The ink used, Resolute Premium DTF, is manufactured by its associate company exclusively for Resolute and its authorised UK partner TheMagicTouch and other international resellers. The high-quality pigments used offer a colour gamut range twice that of most traditional DTG inks, coupled with its latex characteristics means prints will not crack, they have an almost impossible to break memory effect when stretched and have true workwear durability in the wash.

A high-vis, polyester polo, shipping carton and a ring binder all decorated with the Resolute DTF system

Resolute’s own RIP drives the system and offers features like barcoding, special breathable print modes for sports and cycling wear, spot colour scanning and matching, automatic nesting and job costing. Its high-end features separate it from others and are all included in the price of the R-Jet PRO DTF system.

When used in its automatic reel to reel mode the R-Jet PRO DTF can produce up to 2,000 chest print images ready to use within an hour. With only a 15 second heat press required it is possible to produce a lot of garments per day, the printer can run unattended reducing labour costs while maximising margins. There are not many garment printing processes that can match this level of production, considering it is capable of variable data processing at these speeds and requires no pre-treatment or weeding, the Resolute team feel it is one of the most productive high quality systems available to date.

Low maintenance is also a key point, using dual print head technology gives the R-Jet PRO DTF its high production levels and also reduces time spent cleaning. The white ink is controlled through a separate eight-channel OEM print head and has a wet cap system for when not in use. This means, with its fully automated white ink circulation system and automatic tank stirring the printer is ready for use in a few minutes after being switched off for extended periods, with no risk of clogging or long periods of cleaning when its time to print again.

Printing packaging on the R-Jet PRO DTF is also a breeze, not only does it allow for short run and one offs the variable data capabilities of the system means personalised packaging can be produced at no extra cost. Printing a name, logo or marketing message onto corrugated boxes takes just 15 seconds pressing time no matter what colour the base substrate of the flat pack boxes.

Fine detail requires no weeding or pre-treatment

Time saving features

As if all these time saving features are not enough, the R-JET PRO DTF is very economical to run. When the Resolute RIP costs a job, it takes all the consumables into account, not just the inks. Whether a it’s a single print or a run of thousands it calculates the costs in seconds and can export itemised figures to a csv file if required. During a recent demonstration a comparison was made for an existing 100mm three colour chest print, with traditional methods costing around 39p to buy in the R-Jet PRO DTF costs to produce the same were just 3p, producing in-house also means there is no minimum order.

To make it easy to find out more about Resolute’s current and future DTF products, the company has dedicated a new website to this new and exciting process. From requesting pricing, sample transfers or to book a demonstration please visit  or follow the link on the consumables’ website

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