No more weeding!

Forever Transfer paper provides low cost entry into the product decoration business

Amaya Sales UK offers a wide range of Forever transfer papers, from single colour right up to full colour. The big advantage of the Forever transfer paper is that you can apply it to most kinds of fabric and hard substrates.

Forever Transfer paper is a low cost entry into the product decoration business. All you need is a laser printer and a suitable heat press.

The Forever Flex soft is a great way to move up from vinyl decoration. You can create complex designs in single colour with no weeding. You can print this on a simple black toner laser printer and can create designs that you would not contemplate on normal vinyl because you do not have to weed.

A new paper from Forever is the Subli-light which allows you to print onto cotton through your sublimation printer.

The Forever Laser Dark (no cut) is for full colour printing on to dark garments. For this you would require an OKI white toner printer like the OKI PRO 8432WT for printing your transfers. This printer replaced the black toner with a white one, enabling the design to have bright and vibrant colours.

Amaya Sales UK also offer a great range of professional heat presses from Stahls and Schulze. From basic clam presses to full automatic systems the team can help.

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